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At Orlando Aerial Arts, classes are designed to increase Flexibility, Stamina, and Core Strength. No prior skill or fitness level is required! Our instructors assess your current fitness level and you progress at your own pace. We provide a unique workout for people of all fitness levels and body types. At Orlando Aerial Arts we have a wide range of students from all walks of life! From children, teens, and college students, to workplace professionals, retirees, and professional performers!

Whether you are looking to take your current fitness program to new heights or anxious to start one altogether, we can provide you with a workout that will take you away from the grind of the treadmill and provide a safe, fun atmosphere to achieve your fitness goals. Come join us at Orlando Aerial Arts to leave your daily stresses below you.

From the Aspiring Performer to the Everyday Person, we look forward to DEFYING GRAVITY with you!

Classes Available in

Aerial Silks Aerial Hoop Aerial Lyra Aerial Hammock Aerial Cube Duo Aerial Silks
Aerial Silks Aerial Hoop/Lyra Aerial Hammock Aerial Cube Duo Aerial Silks